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Mawqif ar-Razi min Ayaat as-Sifaat fi Tafsirihi al-Kabeer (Mafaatih al-Ghayb) Compiled by Saamiyyah Bint Yaseen bin 'Abdur Rahman al-Badri is a book that critiques the stances of Imaam Fakr ad-Deen ar-Razi on the Attributes of Allaah that was taken from his Tafseer (Mafaatih al-Ghayb) which is in opposition to Ahlus Sunnah wa al-Jamaa'ah.  This book is originally a Thesis that was submitted to the Faculty of 'Aqeedah at the University of Um al-Qurra Printed in 3 Volumes on yellow paper. 

Mawqif ar-Razi min Ayat as-Sifat 1/3 موقف الرازي من آيات الصفات

Productcode: 9789775232809