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Abu Ishaq al-Shaatibee (720-790 A.H./1320/1388 A.D.) was an Andalusian Sunni Islamic legal scholar following the Maliki madhab. He died in 1388 in Granada. Imam Shaatibee's full name was "Ibrahim bin Mosa bin Muhammad al-Shaatibee al-Gharnatee". His family descended was from the Banu Lakhm. His Kunyah was "Abu Ishaaq", and his surnames were "al-Lakhmee", "al-Gharnatee", "al-Malikee" and "as-Shaatibee". The date and place of his birth are unknown. However, one of his surnames, "as-Shaatibee", points to the city Xativa, which indicates that he was a descendant of migrants from that town.

One of his more famous works that he wrote was al-'Itisaam (كتاب الاعتصام),  This famous book of Imam Shaatibee is the ultimate encyclopedia on the topic of defining religious innovations. It consists of 10 chapters. The book was published by Dar Ibn Jowziyyah (KSA) in three volumes on yellow paper. The checking was done by Dctor Muhammad bin 'Abdur Rahmaan ash-Shaqeer 

al-'Itisaam 1/3 الإعتصام

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