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There is no doubt, for the person of Sound mind and Believes in Allaah and his Messenger that the Companions of The Prophet are the best of Creation after the Prophet ('alayhi salat wa salam) This book is  A collection of Athar Surrounding the Virtues of the Companions of Muhammad. This book was Written by al-Imaam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal (Rahimahullaah) and the Tahqeeq and Takhreej of the Ahhaadith was done by ash-Shaykh Wasiullah  bin Muhammad 'Abbaas (Haafidhullaah ta'alaa) and Printed in Two Huge Volumes on Yellow paper by Dar Ibn al-Jowzi (KSA) 

Kitaab Fadaa'il as-Sahaabah كتاب فضائل الصحابة

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