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A’laam As-Sunnah Al-Manshoorah is a beneficial and important summary, rich in benefits. It includes the basic principles of the religion and the foundations of Tawheed ( The Oneness of Allaah ) Which the messenger called to and for which the ( Divine ) books were revealed and there is no success for the one who worships Allaah with other than it ( Tawheed ).

It shows and guides the reader towards traversing the clear shining path and the manifest methodology of truth. Shaykh Hafidh Al Hakamee explains Emaan , Faith , its characteristics and its invalidators. Printed by Makatbatul Rush (KSA) and is printed on 370 pages of Yellow paper. 

A’laam as-Sunnah al-Manshoorah أعلام السنة المنشورة