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The Author of This book is Sa'ad bin 'alee bin Muhammad bin Alee bin Al-Hasan Abu Al-Qaasim Az-Zanjaanee  he was from Zanjaan which is a area in Iran. It is a Famous village that lies between the Mountainous area of Iran and Azberjan. It is a Village from the Abhar and Qazvin area. Ash-Shaykh Abu Al-Qaasim had many students and took knowledge from many Ulemaa' finding himself in Mecca, there in which he died. He was born some where around 380 hijri or before it according to Adh-Dhaabee. He wrote mant books and one of them being this book one of them being "Sharh Mandhoomah Ar-Raa'iyyah fee As-Sunnah" which is known by many names like "Mandhoomatus Sunnah" and "li-Sa'ad Qaseedati fee qawaa'id Ahlis Sunnah". Many of the Ulemaa' praised Ash-Shaykh Abul Qaasim Az-Zanjaanee by saying they have never seen the likes of him or He was a Major Imaam known to be upon the Sunnah. The book was collected under the leadership and guidance of Ash-Shaykh Abdur Razzaq Al-Badr (Hafidhullaah ta'alaa) It was printed by Ad-Darul Athariyyah and Dar Al-Muhsin it contains 125 Yellow pages. 

Sharh Mandhoomah ar-Raa'iyyah fi as-Sunnah شرح المنظومة الرائية في السنة