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al-Istidhkaar li Madhhab `Ulamaa' al-Amsaar fimaa Tadammanahu al-Muwatta' min Ma`aani al-Ra'i wal-Athaar (The Memorization of the Doctrine of the Scholars of the World Concerning the Juridical Opinions and the Narrations Found in Maalik's Muwatta') is a book that was written by Yusuf ibn Abdallah ibn Mohammed ibn Abd al-Barr, also he was known as Abu Umar al-Namari al-Andalusi al-Qurtubi al-Maliki or simply as Ibn 'Abdul Barr. Is a book fiqh book based on the rulings extracted from Imaam Malik's Al-Muwatta'. This book is Published by Maktabah at-Thiqaafah ad-Deeniyyah and Dar al-Wa'iee (Cairo) in 10 Volumes.

al-Istidhkaar li-Madhhab `Ulamaa' al-Amsaar 1/10 الإستذكار

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