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This book was written by Doctor Muhammad bin 'Abdur Rahmaan al-Khamees. It was originally a Doctor Thesis that was submitted to The 'Aqeedah and Modern Madhaahib Division of the Facluty of Usool ad-Deen in the University of Muhammad ibn Saud in Riyaad. The Author wrote this book for three main reasons;

1. The status of al-Imaam Abu Hanifa in the Islamic World, and To glorify some of his writtings that deal with the Issues of Belief. 

2. The Abundance of Instituitions of Islaamic science and Individuals that are upon his Mahhaab in its Branches. 

3. Some of the Groups that ascribe to the Imaam and that claim that they are upon the 'Aqeedah of Imaam Abu Hanifa like the Maturidiyyah, some of the Mu'atazillah, The Sufiyyah and Other than them in which are in opposition to it. 

4. To paint a correct picture of the correct beliefs of the Imaam because of the speech that has been attributed to him that he never said. Also that which has been said about him that wasn't from his Madhhab. This book weighs between his 'Aqeedah and those who claim to follow him. 

Printed on white paper by Dar as-Sami'ee (Riyaad) 799 pages.   

Usool ad-Deen 'anda Abi Hanifa أصول الدين عند الإمام أبي حنيفة

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