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The History of as-Salafiyyah in Iraq is a book that explains the rise of the Salafi Da'wah by a none Salafi due to the direct influence of the Da'wah of ash-Shaykh Muhammad bin 'Abdul Wahhab al-Najdi (Rahimahullaah). The Author explains the Early history of the Da'wah of ash-Shaykh and the Ulemaa' of Iraq that ascribed to his call, However, it must be noted that the Author is not Salafi and this is seen in his careless use of the term "Wahhabi" and "Wahhabiyoon" however Historically the book is beneficial for those who are interested in knowing the early scholars that accepted the call to at-Tawheed. printed on yellow paper in one volume by Dar as-Salaf of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabiyyah. Contains 397 pages

Tarikh as-Salafiyyah fi al-'Iraq تاريخ السلفية في العراق

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