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The Origin of this book is from a WorkShop that ash-Shaykh Doctor 'Isaam as-Sanaani was teaching the book "The Beliefs of Abee Ibn Ya'laa" in which he didn't complete. He then continued to teach the book in his Masjid in 'Unayzah. Later the lessons were transcribed and the Hadith were added. The Shaykh explains the book by first mentioning the statements of Abu Ibn Ya'laa followed by his explanation. The Introduction is written by ash-Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan and  printed in Kuwait in one volume on yellow paper. It contains 449 pages.

Tanqeeh al-Midaad تنقيح المداد بشرح كتاب ابن أبي يعلى في الإعتقاد

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