Sharh Mushkilat al-Quduri 1/2 شرح مشكلات القدوري is a Book on the Hanafi Fiqh that is filled with treasures and made simple for the reader to understand for the average Muslim and the student of Knowledge.  Written by Abu Hussein Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Ja'far bin Hamdaan bin Abi Bakr al-Quduri al-Baghdadi. al-Khateeb al-Baghdadi said about him, "He was Honest, It was as If he was born for Fiqh due to his Intelligence. He was one of the most prolific Companions of al-Imaam Abu Hanifa (رحمه الله). Printed in Kuwait in two volumes on yellow  paper.

Sharh Mushkilat al-Quduri1/2 شرح مشكلات القدوري

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