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Rihaanatul Tifl al-Muslim ريحانة الطفل المسلم Rihaanatul Tifl Al-Muslim is a Muslim Children's book in 'Aqeedah, Haadeth and Fiqh. It is simplified to make learning these subjects easy and fun. It is based on such books as Usool At-Thalathaa and it teaches your child the correct 'Aqeedah, How to pray according to the Prophet's Sunnah, How to call the Adhaan and different Adhkaar all basd upon the Sunnah. Written by Shaykh Abu 'Abdul Khaalid Ibn Uthmaan Al-Misree. contains 116 pages printed on Yellow paper. The size of the book is 10x18 cm

Rihaanatul Tifl al-Muslim ريحانة الطفل المسلم الجزء الثاني

SKU : 9789776427648