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Nukat al-Qur'an is a Tafseer of the Qur'an that is summarized but exceeds in areas other Tafseers fall short in. It was written by al-Haafidh Muhammad bin 'Alee al-Karajee al-Qasaab. He died in the year 360 Hijri and he was Salafee in 'Aqeedah, upon the Madhaab of the Muhadatheen that would go with the Daleel. This book was originally a college thesis that was presented by four students. The First Volume was presented by Doctor Alee bin Ghazee at-Tawijiree, The Second and Third volume was by Doctor Ibraheim bin Mansoor Al-Junaidee and the last volume was presented to the college by Doctor Shaa'i' bin 'Abduhu al-Asmaree. This book speaks on all of the Sur'ah of the Qur'an however it doesn't deal with each and every individual ayah, it focuses on portions of different ayat. The book doesn't focus on one science but rather it focuses on many sciences like Aqeedah, Fiqh and refuting the misguided sects like the Murj'iah, The Qadariyyah, The Jahamiyyah, and The Mu'atazillah. At times the Imaam defends the positions of Ahlus Sunnah and at other times he will bring statements of others and discuss them. He also deals with different fiqh rulings pertaining to certain ayat and the reason the ayat was sent down. This Tafseer is printed in four volumes by Dar Ibn al-Qayyim and Dar Ibn 'Affaan on white paper and The print is crystal clear.

Nukat al-Qur'an 1/4 نكت القرآن

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