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This book is a Ta'leeq of Shaykh Nasirudeen Al-Albaani's on Some of the Narrators mentioned in Ibn Hajar Al-Asqaalaani's book Taqreeb At-Tahdheeb. However The Shaykh goes a little more in Depth by bring the statements of Ibn Hibban (Rahimahullaah) and others on certain narrators being trustworthy or not and the reasons why they are regarded as such. This is an Excellent book for those who are interested in the Science of 'Ilm Al-Rijjaal Printed in KSA by Dar Miraath An-Nabawiyyah. 

Majmoo' Kalam 'ala Rijaal Taqreeb al-'Asqalaani مجموع كلام على رجال

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