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As Foreign Philosophical Ideologies crept into the Pure Islamic Doctrine, Shaykhul Islaam took it upon himself to wage war with the Pen against these foreign Ideas which were Introduced to Islaam by the Greeks. He (Rahimahullaah ta'alaa) Waged a war that the Islamic world has never witnessed before upon the Greek Logicians. This book is a Product of the Battle between Shaykhul Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah and the Greeks Who attempted to destroy Islaam by teaching Foreign Philosophical concepts. Some of The Islaamic Scholars were in acceptance to learn from them. In turn these Scholars chipped away at Islaam from the Inside by reteaching these Ideas to the Muslims. Shaykhul Islaam refutes the concepts and idelogies with percision and detail. Printed in Beirut by Mu'assatur Riyaan on 588 yellow pages is a must have for all those who love Shaykhul Islaam Ibn Tayimyyah's works. 

Kitab ar-Rudd 'ala al-Muntaqieen الرد على المنطقيين

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