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Kitab al-Istignaa' fi Ma'rifati al-Mashooreen min Hamalatil 'Ilm Bil-Kunaa is a Book written by al-Haafidh Abi Umar Yusuf bin 'Abdullah Ibn Abdul Barr an-Nimiri al-Qurtubi. It is an masterpiece in the science of 'Ilm al-Rijjal and unlike other books in 'Ilm al-Rijjal this book focuses on knowing the transmiters of Haadith not by their names but by their Kunaa (or nicknames) or Kunya's. This book has been printed several times how this print has been revised exceeds in excellence over the two previous prints. This print also provides extra proves that it was actually written by Abdul Barr, and provides sources for for most of the biographies of the narrators. Printed by Dar al-Aasimah in 4 volumes on yellow paper. This book is a must have and should be studied by all those who love Haadith.

Kitab al-Istignaa' 1/4 الاستغناء في معرفة المشهورين من حملة العلم بالكنى

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