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Kitab al-Mughni by Imam Muwaffiq al-Din Ibn al-l-Qudama (Rahimahullaah ta'alaa) is the Sharh of The Mukhtasar of Abul al-Qasim Umar bin Husain bin Abdullah bin Ahmad al-Khirqi. This book is a Great book for the advanced students of Hanbali Fiqh as it aims to acquaint the student with the sources of the Law and the methodology for extracting rulings from the Book of Allaah and The Sunnah of His Messenger.Tahqeeq by ad-Doktor Abdullah at-Turki and ad-Doktor Abdul Fattaah Muhammad al-Halo printed in 15 Volumes on yellow paper.


al-Mughni 1/15 المغني لإبن القدامة المقدسي

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