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Abu Ishaq al-Shaatibee (720-790 A.H./1320/1388 A.D.) was an Andalusian Sunni Islamic legal scholar following the Maliki madhab. He died in 1388 in Granada. Imam Shaatibee's full name was "Ibrahim bin Mosa bin Muhammad al-Shaatibee al-Gharnatee". His family descended was from the Banu Lakhm. His Kunyah was "Abu Ishaaq", and his surnames were "al-Lakhmee", "al-Gharnatee", "al-Malikee" and "as-Shaatibee". The date and place of his birth are unknown. However, one of his surnames, "as-Shaatibee", points to the city Xativa, which indicates that he was a descendant of migrants from that town.

One of his more famous works that he wrote was al-'Itisaam (كتاب الاعتصام),  This famous book of Imam Shaatibee is the ultimate encyclopedia on the topic of defining r