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Kashf al-Asrar (Arabic: کشف الاسرار‎‎ Kashf al-Āsrār "Unveiling of Secrets") is a book written in 1943 by Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, to respond to the questions and criticisms raised in a 1943 pamphlet titled The Thousand-Year Secrets (Persian: Asrar-i Hazarsala) by Ali Akbar Hakimzadeh, who had abandoned clerical studies at Qom seminary and in the mid-1930s published a modernist journal titled Humayun that advocated reformation in Islam. Kashf al-Asrar is the first book that expresses Khomeini's political views.

However, this book we are selling here is a refutation of Khomeini's

Kashf al-Asraar (May Allaah's curse be upon him) was prepared by the Shaykh Taqiuddin al-Hilali (rahimahullaah) who is best known as one of the two authors of the best translation of the Qur'an up to date. He refutes and exposes many claims of Khomeini' like the permissibility of seeking help from the dead, that Jabril came to Fatimah (may Allaah be pleased with her) to tell her about the Unseen, and that the Rightfully guided Caliphs were upon falsehood ect. This book exposes some of the most filthy beliefs of the Shi'a and their one-time spiritual leader Khomeini (May The Curse of Allaah be Upon him)

The Original book was written in Persian and then translated into Arabic. It contains 244 pages printed on white paper.

Kashf al-Asraar كشف الأسرار

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  • كشف الأسرار تأليف الخميني لعنة الله عليه