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al-Awsaat by al-Imaam Muhammad bin 'Ibraheim bin al-Mundhir an-Naysabooree This book is printed in 15 Volumes and deals with Issues based on Haadith that have 'Ijmaa or Iktilaaf in them. This Book is proof that Ibn al-Mundhir reached the highest level of 'Ijtihaad and therefore wasn't bound to any particular Madhhab, although it is unanimously agreed that Ibn al-Mundhir (rahimahullaah) was Shafi'i. al-Dhahabi said regarding him, “The Haafidh, the ʿAllaamah, the Faqeeh, A unique scholar, the Shaykh of al-Ḥaram, and the one who authored books the likes of which have never been written.” al-Awsaat is Printed by Darul Falah in 15 volumes.

al-Awsaat 1/15 الأوسط من السنن والإجماع والإختلاف

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