Iyqaadh Himam Uwlee al-Absaar (إيقاظ همم أولى الأبصار) was written by ash-Shaykh al-Imaam Saalih bin Muhammad al-Umari also known as al-Fulaani. The Shaykh was from Sudan born in an area called al-Umarieen. The Shaykh was a Mujtahid that preferred the Haqq over Ideas and Statements and he realized at an early age, that that all of the Imaams of the four Madhahib had warned against fanaticism and blind-following of their statements. The Shaykh al-Fulani based his book off of this realization and the Importance of following the Qur'an and the Sunnah. He warned against Fanaticism, Taqleed and Bid'ah that started to flourish in cities and villages during his time. ash-Shaykh Nasirudeen al-Albaani (Rahimahullaah) highly praised this book and he said that there is not another book like it in this Subject. Shaykh Nasirudeen al-Albaani (Rahimahullaah ta'alaa) said that it is an obligation upon everyone that loves the Haqq to study, and teach and reflect upon this book. It was printed from the Original Manuscript by Maktabah al-Bukhari Doha, Qatar. Printed on Yellow paper 

Iyqaadh Himam Uwlee al-Absaar إيقاظ همم أولى الإبصار

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  • للإقتداء بسيد المهاجرين والأتصار وتحذيرهم عن الإبتداع الشائع في القرى والأمصار من تقليد المذهب مع الحمية والعصبية بين فقهاء الأعصار

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