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al-Muharrar Majd ad-Din Ibn Taymiyyah 1/2 المحرر لمجد الدين ابن تيمية

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This Book is in Hanbali Fiqh which was written by The Grandfather of Ibn Taymiyyah, al-Imam Majd ad-Din ibn Taymiyyah who was the Shaykh of the Hanabilah of his time. His work is published with the footnotes of another great Imam of the Hanbali Madhhab, Ibn Muflih (the author of al-Furu').
This edition is printed in Three Volumes by Risalaah al-Alamiyyah (Beirut), which includes The Text of Majd ad-Din ibn Taymiyyah's and Ibn Muflih's commentary. It was checked by Doctor Abdullah bin Abdul Muhsin at-Turki.

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